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  • Tissue Proteomics

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    1. Depletion of Myofibril-Associated Proteins Using Selective Protein Extraction as a Tool in Cardiac Proteomics

    Achim Treumann, Pawel Palmowski, Wing Chiu Tong, Julie Taggart, Nick Morrice, G. Nicholas Europe-Finner, and Michael J. Taggart

    2. Discovery of Immune Reactive Human Proteins by High Density Protein Arrays and Customized Validation of Potential Biomarkers by ELISA

    Tara K. Sigdel and Minnie. M. Sarwal

    3. HLA Class I and Class II-Induced Intracellular Signaling and Molecular Associations in Primary Human Endothelial Cells

    Nicole Valenzuela, Nwe Nwe Soe, Fang Li, Xiaohai Zhang, Yi...

  • Basiswissen Humangenetik

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    Biologische Grundlagen: Einleitung.- Molekulare Grundlagen.- Mutation und genetische Variabilität.-Pathomechanismen genetischer Krankheiten.- Vererbungsformen.- Mehrlingsschwangerschaften.- Tumorgenetik.- Altern und Genetik.- Pharmakogenetik und Pharmakogenomik.- Humangenetik als ärztliches Fach: Humangenetik als ärztliches Fach.- Genetische Beratung.- Genetische Sprechstunde.- Fehlbildungen und andere morphogenetische Störungen.- Wahrscheinlichkeitsberechnung.- Genetische Labordiagnostik.- Stoffwechseldiagnostik und Neugeborenenscreening.- Pränataldiagnostik.- Humangenetik - eine ethische Herausforderung.- Klinische Genetik:. Angeborene Fehlbildungssyndrome.- Haut und Bindegeweb...
  • Mycoremediation and Environmental Sustainability 02

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    1 Bioremediation Applications with Fungi¿¿

    ¿Necdet Saglam1*, Ozfer Yesilada2, Semran Saglam3, Elif Apohan2, Mesut Sam4, Sedef Ilk5, Ezgi Emul1, Ekrem Gurel6

    1Division of Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey

    2Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Letters, Inonu University, Malatya, Turkey

    3Department of Atomic Molecular Physics, Faculty of Science, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey

    4Department of Biology, Fac...

  • Engineering and Application of Pluripotent Stem Cells

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    Nonintegrating Human Somatic Cell Reprogramming Methods.- Scalable Expansion of Pluripotent Stem Cells.- Scalable Cardiac Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells Using Specific Growth Factors and Small Molecules.- Specific Cell (Re-)Programming: Approaches and Perspectives.- Bioengineered Cardiac Tissue Based 4 on Human Stem Cells for Clinical Application.- Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Engineer Blood Vessels.- Targeted Gene Editing in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Using Site-Specific Nucleases.- Acquired Genetic and Epigenetic Variation in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells.- Requirements for Using iPSC-Based Cell Models for Assay Development in Drug Discovery.
  • Biotechnology for Pulp and Paper Processing

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    Introduction.- Brief description of Pulp & Paper making process.- Tree improvement.- Biotechnology in Forestry.- Biodebarking.- Biodepitching.- Bioretting.- Use of microorganisms in pulping.- Use of enzymes in mechanical pulping.- Biobleaching.- Biodeinking.- Fiber modification.- Laccase application in fibreboard.- Removal of shives.- Production of dissolving grade pulp.- Biological treatment of pulp paper mill effluent.- Slime control.- Stickies control.- Enzymatic modification of starch.- Pectinases in papermaking.- Biofiltration of odourous gasses.- Management/utilisation of waste water treatment sludges.- Integrated Forest Biorefinery.- Products from hemicelluloses.- Value added products...
  • Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering

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    Table of Contents...
    Contributing Authors...

    1. Engineering Citric-Acid Based Porous Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration
    Jacqueline J. Masehi-Lano and Eun Ji Chung

    2. Multifunctional Self-Assembling Peptide-Based Micelles for Targeted Intracellular Delivery: Design, Physicochemical Characterization, and Biological Assessment
    Yejiao Shi, Ran Lin, Honggang Cui, and Helena S. Azevedo

    3. Electrospinning Functionalized Polymers for Use as Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
    Lesley W. Chow

    4. Low-Temperature Depositio...
  • Polypropylene-Based Biocomposites and Bionanocomposites

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    Preface xiii

    1 Polypropylene (PP)-Based Biocomposites and Bionanocomposites: State-of-the-Art, New Challenges and Opportunities 1
    Visakh. P. M

    1.1 Polypropylene (PP)/Cellulose-Based Biocomposites and Bionanocomposites 1

    1.2 Polypropylene (PP)/Starch-Based Biocomposites and Bionanocomposites 3

    1.3 Polypropylene (PP)/Polylactic Acid-Based Biocomposites and Bionanocomposites 5

    1.4 Polypropylene (PP)-Based Hybrid Biocomposites and Bionanocomposites 6

    1.5 Biodegradation and Flame Retardancy of Polypropylene-Based Composites and Nanocomposites 7

    1.6 Polypropylene Single-Polymer Composites 9

    1.7 Polypropylene/Plant-Based Fiber Biocomposites...
  • She Has Her Mother's Laugh

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    • Unit - Part I: A Stroke on the Cheek
    • Chapter - 1: The Light Trifle of His Substance
    • Chapter - 2: Traveling Across the Face of Time
    • Chapter - 3: This Race Should End with Them
    • Chapter - 4: Attagirl
    • Unit - Part II: Wayward DNA
    • Chapter - 5: An Evening's Revelry
    • Chapter - 6: The Sleeping Branches
    • Chapter - 7: Individual Z
    • Chapter - 8: Mongrels
    • Chapter - 9: Nine Foot High Complete
    • Chapter - 10: Ed and Fred
    • Unit - Part III: Other Channels
    • Chapter - 11: Ex Ovo Omnia
    • Chapter - 12: Witches'- Broom
    • Chapter - 13: Chimeras
  • Bioremediation

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    Please see attached.
  • Environmental Biotechnology: For Sustainable Future

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    - Provides in-depth knowledge of the use of environmental biotechnology to remediate and sustain the ecosystems

    - Provides information about sustainable and green approaches in agriculture, energy sector and environment

    - Emphasizes on low input biotechnology for sustaining the environment and combating environmental pollution

    - Explains resurrection of polluted resources as one of the biggest targets at present

  • Genetics in the Madhouse

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    In the early 1800s, a century before there was any concept of the gene, physicians in insane asylums began to record causes of madness in their admission books. Almost from the beginning, they pointed to heredity as the most important of these causes. As doctors and state officials steadily lost faith in the capacity of asylum care to stem the terrible increase of insanity, they began emphasizing the need to curb the reproduction of the insane. They became obsessed with identifying weak or tainted families and anticipating the outcomes of their marriages. Genetics in the Madhouse is the untold story of how the collection and sorting of hereditary data in mental hospitals, schools for "feebleminded" children, and prisons gave rise to a new science of human heredity.
  • Seeds of Science

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    The inside story of the fight for and against genetic modification in food, from someone who's been on the front line of both sides of the argument
  • My European Family

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    Karin Bojs grew up in a small, broken family, and decided to use DNA research to learn more about herself, her family and the interconnectedness of society.

    This book tells the story of Europe and its people through its genetic legacy. By having her DNA sequenced Karin was able to trace the path of her ancestors back through the Viking and Bronze ages to the Neolithic and beyond. The genes of this woman tell a fascinating story, and at a time when politics is pushing nations apart, this book shows that our genes will always bind us together.
  • A Crack in Creation

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    Inventor of CRISPR Jennifer Doudna considers CRISPR's potential as a means of rewriting genetic code with ease, and raises the philosophical and cultural implications of the new powers CRISPR will allow, in disease prevention and beyond.
  • Laser Capture Microdissection

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    This fully updated edition provides practical advice on how to carry out tissue-based laser microdissection successfully by using the different laser microdissection systems that are available and by applying a wide range of molecular technologies. The contents of the volume explore these techniques that have revolutionized carrying out molecular analysis on specific types of normal and diseased cells and fully utilizing the power of current molecular technologies including PCR, microarrays, next generation sequencing, and proteomics. Written for the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troub...
  • Mycoremediation and Environmental Sustainability

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    Bioremediation is the use of microorganisms' metabolism to degrade waste contaminants (sewage, domestic, and industrial effluents) into non-toxic or less toxic materials by natural biological processes. Remediation through fungi-or mycoremediation-has multifarious possibilities in applied remediation engineering and the future of environmental sustainability. Fungi have the biochemical and ecological capability to degrade environmental organic chemicals and to decrease the risk associated with metals, semi-metals, noble metals, and radionuclides, either by chemical modification or by manipulating chemical bioavailability. Additionally, the capability of these fungi to form extended mycelia networks, the low specificity of their catabolic enzymes, and their using pollutants as a gro...
  • Stem Cell Microenvironments and Beyond

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    This book discusses the main stem cell niches under distinct pathophysiological conditions. The role of tissue microenvironments in stem cell regulation, as well as modern methodologies and new techniques for the identification and characterization of stem cell niches, are discussed by leading experts in the field. Chapters describe the major components of various stem cell microenvironments, such as cellular components, soluble factors, cell-cell interactions, extra-cellular matrix proteins, and physical forces. Stem Cell Microenvironments and Beyond is part of the highly successful Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology series. It is essential reading for graduate students and researchers in the field of stem cells or cell biology as well as clinicians.

  • Who We Are and How We Got Here

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    A groundbreaking book about how ancient DNA has profoundly changed our understanding of human history.

    Geneticists like David Reich have made astounding advances in the field of genomics, which is proving to be as important as archeology, linguistics, and written records as a means to understand our ancestry.

    In Who We Are and How We Got Here, Reich allows readers to discover how the human genome provides not only all the information a human embryo needs to develop but also the hidden story of our species. Reich delves into how the genomic revolution is transforming our understanding of modern humans and how DNA studies reveal deep inequalities among different populations, between the sexes, and among individuals. Provocatively, Reich's book suggests that there mig...
  • Entwicklungsbiologie und Reproduktionsbiologie des Menschen und bedeutender Modellorganismen

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    Die faszinierende Entwicklung von Ei und Spermium zum komplexen Organismus ist das Thema des Lehrbuchs. Die Autoren liefern einen Überblick über die Entwicklung wichtiger Modellorganismen und die Embryonalentwicklung des Menschen. Dabei berücksichtigen sie aktuelle Forschungsfragen wie u. a. Klonen, transgene Tiere und Gentherapie. In der 5. Auflage sind alle Abbildungen 4-farbig, die Themen "Entwicklung des Menschen" und "Evolution von Entwicklungsprozessen" werden ausführlicher dargestellt. Mit umfangreichem Glossar und Literaturverzeichnis.


    Entwicklung und Reproduktion: Wesenszüge des Lebendigen in der Übersicht.- Etappen und Prinzipien der Entwicklung.- Der Start: Befruchtu...

  • Bioprozesstechnik

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    Dieses Werk wurde erstmals 1991 von Horst Chmiel herausgegeben und hat sich inzwischen als Standardwerk sowohl im Studium als auch in der Praxis der Biotechnologie etabliert. Die in weiten Teilen neue 4. Auflage des Lehrbuchs Bioprozesstechnik bietet eine umfassende Einführung zu allen Aspekten der modernen Bioprozesstechnik.

    Am Anfang stehen Beiträge zur Kinetik von Enzymen und Mikroorganismen, gefolgt von einem Kapitel zu Prozessmodellen. Weitere Beiträge beschäftigen sich mit den Fließeigenschaften von Biosuspensionen und deren Einfluss auf Transportvorgänge. Die Funktionsweise von Bioreaktoren und das Problem der Sterilität sowie die Mess- und Regeltechnik werden ausführlich behandelt. Oftmals entfallen mehr als die Hälfte der Kosten eines Bioprodukts auf die A...

  • Developments in Fungal Biology and Applied Mycology

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    This book explores the developments in important aspects of fungi related to the environment, industrial mycology, microbiology, biotechnology, and agriculture. It discusses at length both basic and applied aspects of fungi and provides up-to-date laboratory-based data.

    Of the estimated three million species of fungi on Earth, according to Hawksworth and coworkers, more than 100,000 have been described to date. Many fungi produce toxins, organic acids, antibiotics and other secondary metabolites, and are sources of useful biocatalysts such as cellulases, xylanases, proteases and pectinases, to mention a few. They can also cause diseases in animals as well as plants and many are able to break down complex organic molecules such as lignin and pollutants like xenobiotics, petr...
  • Recombination

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    Cell penetrating peptide (CPP) is an expression of mainly cationic peptides, typically consisting of a composition of 5-30 amino acids, which are able to penetrate the cell membrane. By fusing molecules, which on their own not have the ability to penetrate the cell membrane, with the CPP infiltration becomes possible. The gene-construct (coding for TS1-218+CPP) was cut out of the purified plasmid DNA (pET 26 b (+)) and linked to the Vector pPICZaA. This recombined DNA was electroporated into E.coli and, in further steps, transferred to P. pastoris. For future studies it will be interesting to successfully transform the vector with the gene to the Pichia cells. Furthermore the main interest is to increase their protein production and to analyze its effect on epithelial cancer cells.