Physikalische Chemie

  • Polyoxometalate-Based Assemblies and Functional Materials

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    Building Block Libraries and Structural Considerations in the Self-assembly of Polyoxometalate and Polyoxothiometalate Systems.- Structure and Bonding in Molecular Vanadium Oxides: From Templates via Host-Guest Chemistry to Applications.- Polyoxometalate-Based Photo-Sensitive Functional Hybrid Materials.- Porous Ionic Crystals Based on Polyoxometalates.- Polyoxometalates Assemblies and Their Electrochemical Applications.- Gel-Electrophoretic Chromatography of Polyoxometalate Clusters in Aqueous Solution.- Alkoxido-Derivatised Lindqvistand Keggin-Type Polyoxometalates.

  • Investigation of Nanoscopic Dynamics and Potentials by Interferometric Scattering Microscopy

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    Introduction.- Non-fluorescent single-molecule approaches to optical microscopy.- Experimental Methods.- Anomalous diffusion due to interleaflet coupling and molecular pinning.- Structural dynamics of myiosin 5a.- All optical label-free detection, imaging and tracking of single proteins.- Single-molecule chemical dynamics: direct observation of physical autocatalysis.- Outlook.
  • Insights into the Chemistry of Organic Structure-Directing Agents in the Synthesis of Zeolitic Materials

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    Introduction of structure-directing phenomenon by organic molecules: general aspects.- Location of organic structure-directing agents by diffraction techniques.- Molecular modelling of organic structure-direction phenomena.- Beyond nitrogen organic structure-directing agents.- Role of supramolecular chemistry during templating phenomenon in zeolite synthesis.- Metal Complexes as structure directing agents for zeolites and related microporous materials.- Chiral organic structure-directing agents.
  • Springer Handbook of Petroleum Technology

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    Introduction.- Safety and the Environment.- PART A: Petroleum Characterization.- Molecular Science, Engineering and Management.- Petroinformatics.- Separations in the Sample Preparation for Sulfur Compound Analysis.- Alphaltenes.- Reservoir Evaluation by DFA Measurements and Thermodynamic Analysis.- Phase Behaviour.- PART B: Exploration and Production.- Petroleum Geology.- Origin of Petroleum.- Basin and Petroleum System Modeling.- Seismic Exploration.- Formation Evaluation.- Petroleum Production Engineering.- Offshore Production.- PART C: Refining Technologies.- Petroleum Distillation.- Gasoline Production and Blending.- Catalytic Reforming.- Fluid -Bed Catalytic Cracking.- Sulfur Removal a...
  • Membrane Biophysics

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    This book highlights recent advances in and diverse techniques for exploring the plasma membrane's structure and function. It starts with two chapters reviewing the history of membrane research and listing recent advances regarding membrane structure, such as the semi-mosaic model for red blood cell membranes and the protein layer-lipid-protein island model for nucleated tissue cell membranes. It subsequently focuses on the localization and interactions of membrane components, dynamic processes of membrane transport and transmembrane signal transduction. Classic and cutting-edge techniques (e.g. high-resolution atomic force microscopy and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy) used in biophysics and chemistry are presented in a very comprehensive manner, making them useful and a...
  • Visible Light-Active Photocatalysis

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    A comprehensive and timely overview of this important and hot topic, with special emphasis placed on environmental applications and the potential for solar light harvesting.
    Following introductory chapters on environmental photocatalysis, water splitting, and applications in synthetic chemistry, further chapters focus on the synthesis and design of photocatalysts, solar energy conversion, and such environmental aspects as the removal of water pollutants, photocatalytic conversion of CO2. Besides metal oxide-based photocatalysts, the authors cover other relevant material classes including carbon-based nanomaterials and novel hybrid materials. Chapters on mechanistic aspects, computational modeling of photocatalysis and Challenges and perspectives of solar reactor design for indus...
  • Talajreleváns határfelületi és kolloid kölcsönhatások

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    A könyv lényegében Tombácz Etelka másfél évtizede írt, MTA doktori munkájának javított kiadása. A címben megfogalmazott talajreleváns határfelületi egyensúlyok és kolloid kölcsönhatások eredménye a kialakult talajszerkezet. Így napjainkban is aktuális, sot hiánypótló ismereteket foglal össze ez a könyv. A fontosabb finomszemcsés talajkomponensek (humuszanyagok, agyagásványok és oxidok) egyszeru és összetett rendszereinek a természeteshez viszonyítva ideális körülmények közötti, laboratóriumi modellvizsgálataival a sokkomponensu, összetett rendszer lényeges összefüggéseit sikerült kideríteni. A kutatások néha messze vezettek a talajoktól, a részletek feltárása figyelemre méltó alapkutatási eredményeket (pl. a humuszanyagok kolloidállapot-változásai, a montmorillonit felületi töltés ...
  • Surface and Interfacial Forces

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    A general introduction to surface and interfacial forces, perfectly combining theoretical concepts, experimental techniques and practical applications.
    In this completely updated edition all the chapters have been thoroughly revised and extended to cover new developments and approaches with around 15% new content. A large part of the book is devoted to surface forces between solid surfaces in liquid media, and while a basic knowledge of colloid and interface science is helpful, it is not essential since all important concepts are explained and the theoretical concepts can be understood with an intermediate knowledge of mathematics. A number of exercises with solutions and the end-of-chapter summaries of the most important equations, facts and phenomena serve as additional tools...
  • Gel Chemistry

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    This book covers various molecular, metal-organic, dynamic covalent, polymer and other gels, focusing on their driving interactions, structures and properties. It consists of six chapters demonstrating interesting examples of these gels, classified by the type of driving interaction, and also discusses the effect of these interactions on the gels' structures and properties. The book offers an interesting and useful guide for a broad readership in various fields of chemical and materials science.


    Introduction (gels and intermolecular interactions).- Supramolecular Gels.- Polymer Gels.- Metal-Organic Gels.- Dynamic Covalent Gels.- Other Gels.

  • Atkins' Physical Chemistry

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    Atkins' Physical Chemistry is widely acknowledged by both students and lecturers around the globe to be the textbook of choice for studying physical chemistry. Now in its eleventh edition, the text has been enhanced with additional learning features and maths support, re-organised into discrete topics, to make the text more flexible to teach from and more readable for students.

    Focus 1: Gases; Focus 2: The First Law; Focus 3: The Second and Third Laws; Focus 4: Physical transformations of pure substances; Focus 5: Simple mixtures; Focus 6: Chemical equilibrium; Focus 7: Introduction to quantum theory; Focus 8: Atomic structure and spectra; Focus 9: Molecular structure; Focus 10: Molecula...
  • Ultrafast Optics and Spectroscopy in Physical Chemistry

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    Ultrafast spectroscopy is an advanced spectroscopic technique which enables us to capture events (mostly microscopic) in a very rapid time scale (spanning from nanoseconds (10-9 sec) to attosecond (10-18 sec)). The introduction of this spectroscopic technique to chemistry came with microsecond resolution near about 1950 with the development of flash photolysis by Norrish and Porter (R G W Norrish and G Porter, Nature, 164, 658 (1949); Discuss. Faraday Soc. 17, 40 (1954). They studied chemical reaction dynamics in time domain, for the first time. Thereafter, with the advances made with ultrafast lasers, the time resolution improved continuously over the years, reaching the "picosecond" in 1980, the "femtosecond" in 1990 and the "attosecond" in 2000. The field is continuously maturin...
  • Physikalische Chemie I: Thermodynamik und Kinetik

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    Dieses Lehrbuch ist essentiell für Studierende im Bachelor-Studiengang Chemie. Es geht um "wissen", "verstehen" und "anwenden". Das Wissen um die grundlegenden Gesetze und Phänomene. Das Verstehen der Konzepte und Grundlagen. Das Anwenden der Thermodynamik, Kinetik und Elektrochemie auf chemische Fragestellungen.

    GRUNDLAGEN DER THERMODYNAMIK.- Grundlagen.- Temperatur und Zustandsgleichungen.- Energie und Wärme: 1. Hauptsatz der Thermodynamik.- Thermodynamische Prozesse und Kreisprozesse.- Enthalpie H und Thermochemie.- Der zweite Hauptsatz: Entropie.- Ausgleichsprozesse und Prinzip der maximalen Entropie.- Extremalprinzipien und Thermodynamische Potentiale.- CHEMISCHE THERMODYNAMIK.- The...
  • Atom-Emissions-Spektrometrie

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    Atomemissionsspektrometrie ist eine sehr häufig in der Industrie benutzte Analysentechnik, um den Inhalt der Elemente in unterschiedlichen Proben zu bestimmen. Dieses Buch umfasst die Grundlagen der Methode, den Stand der Technik und vor allem praktische Aspekte zur Durchführung von AES-Analysen. Für den praktisch arbeitenden Analytiker und Forschungschemiker ist diese Publikation ist eine hervorragende Informationsquelle.
  • Grundlagen der Kinetik

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    Dieses Buch behandelt das physikalisch-chemische Fachgebiet der Kinetik und deren Anwendung, soweit es Gegenstand des Studiums der Chemie ist. Dementsprechend werden Transportprozesse in Gasen, Flüssigkeiten und Festkörpern sowie als Hauptteil die Kinetik chemischer Reaktionen vorgestellt. Ein Abschnitt zu elektrochemischen Reaktionen schließt sich an.
    Daneben finden aber auch bisher in der Lehrbuchliteratur kaum behandelte Themen Platz - etwa die Marcus-Theorie chemischer Reaktionen und aus der Thermodynamik irreversibler Prozesse ableitbare kinetische Aussagen.
    Die zum Verständnis des Buchinhalts erforderliche Kenntnis einiger mathematischer und physikalischer Grundlagen wird entweder an Ort und Stelle oder - falls ein größeres Ausholen erfor...
  • Polar Organic Chemical Integrative Samplers Development

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    Accurate assessments of contaminant concentrations based on traditional grab sampling methods are not always possible. Very large sample volumes are required to accurately sample contaminants at low levels and there is often low recovery of polar compounds in liquid to liquid extraction techniques. There are various types of samplers with different design characteristics proposed for the sampling of aquatic pollutants of different polarities. Polar organic chemical integrative samplers (POCISs) have been designed to sequester and concentrate polar organic chemicals. The POCISs enable the estimation of the cumulative aqueous exposure to bioavailable hydrophilic organic chemicals and permit the estimation/determination of the biologically relevant time-weighted average (TWA) concentr...
  • Ionic Liquids Shape Future in Electrochemistry

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    Room-temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) constitute currently an emerging research field. Novel applications are introduced nearly monthly. Highly-efficient and green electrolyte systems, organic synthesis and separation applications, solar cells, toxic gas capture, treatment of nuclear waste are just a short list of areas, where RTILs act among the primary gears. The present book features electrochemical applications of RTILs. Those currently experience a boom due to explosive number of new portable electronic devices needing ever better power supplies. We disseminate our established methodology to investigate electrochemically relevant properties of pure RTILs and their mixtures with molecular solvents. The methodology relies on the combination of conductometry, densimetry, quantum...
  • Escamas de peixe quimicamente modificadas para tratamento de efluentes

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    No presente trabalho o autor descreve a obtenção e caracterização de um novo material biossorvente, sintetizado a partir da reação de escamas de peixe Corvina (micropogonias furnieri) com glutaraldeído, e investiga sua capacidade de adsorver íons Cd(II) em meio aquoso. Esse adsorvente é apresentado como alternativa viável no tratamento de efluentes contendo Cd(II) por ser um material simples, de baixo custo e termicamente mais resistente em relação às escamas in natura.
  • Dynamische Tieftemperatur Rasterkraftmikroskopie

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    Reibungsprozesse spielen im Alltag eine wesentliche Rolle. Ohne Haftreibung zwischen einer Schuhsohle und dem Untergrund wäre eine Fortbewegung undenkbar. Ebenso würden kleinste Kraftstöße ausreichen, um z.B. einen Schrank im Raum frei zu bewegen. Trotz dieses erheblichen Einflusses auf unser Leben, sind die physikalischen Prozesse der Reibung im Wesentlichen unverstanden. Auf makroskopischer Skala existieren empirische Regeln, welche aber im mikroskopischen Bereich keine Gültigkeit haben und somit u.a. die Reibung einzelner Atome nicht beschreiben können. In dieser Arbeit wird die Energiedisspation auf atomarer Skala unter Verwendung eines Rasterkraftmikroskops untersucht. Dabei oszilliert eine atomar scharfe Spitze harmonisch in der Nähe einer Oberfläche, wodurch es zur Wechselwi...
  • Dinámica Electromagnética en Medios Quirales Inhomogeneos

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    En este libro se aborda como tema principal el estudio de la propagación de ondas electromagnéticas en medios con estructura quiral, se desarrolla de forma completa un modelo estocástico que considera mezclas heterogéneas de diversos cristales líquidos colestéricos, o simplemente estructuras artificiales en las cuales se introduce ruido mecánico mediante un auto-correlador. Cabe señalar que este tipo de medios tiene la peculiaridad que en el caso ideal presenta una solución exacta, la cual se ve modificada al introducir estas in-homogeneidades en este tipo de materiales, cuyo efecto inmediato es la modificación de sus respectivas propiedades ópticas.
  • Le phosphore et les métaux lourds contenus dans les sédiments

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    Conscients du problème et de l'importance que revêt, pour notre pays, la protection et la surveillance de toutes nos ressources hydrauliques, nous avons jugé utile d'apporter une contribution à travers la détermination et le suivi des concentrations du phosphore et des métaux lourds dans les sédiments, à l'étude du phénomène d'eutrophisation de la retenue de barrage El Kansera et à l'évaluation du degré de pollution métallique de ce réservoir et du bassin versant de l'oued Beht. Cette contribution concerne l'évaluation des propriétés physico-chimiques des sédiments de ces deux milieux, la détermination des orthophosphates solubles dans l'eau et des différentes formes de phosphore des sédiments, la détermination de degré de pollution par les métaux lourds, et le traitement statistiq...
  • Silicio poroso/óxidos conductores transparentes:

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    Las estructuras de silicio poroso poseen un área específica muy grande que permite una fuerte interacción con el entorno, brindando además particularidades a su respuesta óptica y eléctrica. Esto lo hace sumamente atractivo entre otras cosas para su empleo en sensores y también en dispositivos fotovoltaicos. En todos estos casos su uso ha representado una alternativa interesante, y es aún objeto de estudio. Por lo tanto, en este trabajo se presentan estudios sobre las propiedades estructurales y eléctricas de películas delgadas de óxido de estaño, óxido de zinc sobre capas de silicio macro-poroso. Se presentan diversos métodos de deposición de los óxidos sobre las capas de silicio macro-poroso, basados en técnicas de química suave. Además se realizan diversos análisis sobre el tran...
  • Percolación y Calidad Fisicoquímica del Agua en el Valle de Siguas

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    Los cultivos agrícolas y la crianza intensiva de animales contribuyen a una alta concentración de fertilizantes y excretas, las cuales elevan el riesgo de exposición a la contaminación ambiental. Esta situación se viene desarrollando en la Irrigación Majes en Arequipa - Perú; donde una amplia área de desierto ha sido irrigado con aguas conducidas desde los andes hacia las pampas de Majes, denominándose Irrigación Majes, en esta área se desarrolla una intensa actividad agropecuaria, principalmente producción de leche, para sustentar esta actividad, extensas áreas de cultivo de alfalfa han sido instaladas; de igual modo, el sistema de riego predominante es el de aspersión, el cual tiene una limitada eficiencia (50% aproximadamente) sumado a ello, existe un suelo arenoso; estos factor...
  • Complexes de Cd, Zn, Be, Al et Sn avec des ligands organophosphorylés

    64,90 €

    Les composés organophosphorés sont de bons complexants pour les cations métalliques. Dans ce travail, nous avons synthétisé des ligands organofluorophosphorylés ainsi que leurs complexes de Cd, Zn, Be, Al et Sn. Ces nouveaux complexes ont été caractérisés en solution par RMN multinucléaire (31P, 19F, 113Cd, 9Be, 27Al et 119Sn). Nos résultats montrent que les substituants directement liés au phosphore ont un effet important sur la stabilité des complexes formés. La structure en solution de ces complexes a été confirmée par la RMN du métal lui-même qui montre que les complexes du Cd, Be et Al sont tétrahédriques alors que ceux de l'étain sont octahédriques. L'étude thermodynamique des complexes de l'étain par RMN à température variable révèle que les complexes formés avec les ligands...
  • Serigrafia na deposição de catodo de Pilha a Combustível

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    Nos últimos anos, o mundo tem-se voltado para a discussão dos problemas econômicos e ambientais decorrentes da crescente dependência dos combustíveis fósseis como fonte primária para a geração de energia. Um dos grandes interesses científicos e tecnológicos encontrados atualmente é sem dúvida a geração e estocagem de energia, assunto esse que tem levado a um grande número de pesquisas em diferentes tipos de energias alternativas como a solar, a nuclear, a eólica e as células a combustível, dentre outras. Nas células a combustível a energia é produzida através de processos eletroquímicos, sendo os produtos tipicamente não tóxicos e o rendimento da reação considerado alto. Tal característica tem gerado grande interesse neste tipo de energia. As células a combustível de óxido sólido, ...
  • The Electronic Transitions of Molecular Oxygen

    117,69 €


    Introduction.- Instrumentation and Experimental Techniques.- Direct O2(X3Sg) à O2(b1Sg+) excitation.- Solvent Effects on the O2(a1¿g) à O2(b1Sg+) transition.- Temperature Effects on the lifetime of O2(a1¿g).- Metal-Enhanced Singlet Oxygen Production.- Concluding Remarks.

  • Deep Eutectic Solvents

    128,39 €

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    1.1. Solvents for processing and in the laboratory
    1.2. Green solvents
    1.3. Solid-liquid phase diagrams

    Chapter 2. The Variety of Deep Eutectic Solvents
    2.1. Deep Eutectic Solvents based on choline chloride and analogs
    2.2. Deep Eutectic Solvents Based on Other -Onium Salts
    2.3. Unconventional Deep Eutectic Solvents
    2.4. Non-ionic Deep Eutectic Solvents

    Chapter 3. Properties of deep eutectic solvents
    3.1. Solid-Liquid Phase diagrams
    3.2. Thermodynamic properties
    3.3. Volumetric Properties
  • Kinetics of Chemical Reactions

    95,00 €

    Chemical Reactions and Complexity
    Kinetic devices and experiments - Concepts and realizations
    Chemical "Book-keeping" - Linear Algebra in Chemical Kinetics
    Steady-state reaction theory of catalytic reactions. A Primer
    Steady-state reaction theory of catalytic reactions. Machinery
    Linear and Nonlinear Relaxation. Stability
    Non-Linear Mechanisms: Steady-State and Dynamics
    Kinetic Polynomial
    Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP)- Principles, Applications and Theory
    Joint Kinetics: A New Strategy in Chemical Kinetics
    Decoding the Past
    Decoding the Future
  • Nanoscale Electrochemistry of Molecular Contacts

    58,84 €


    1. What is electrochemistry?

    1.1. A review of interfacial electrochemistry

    1.2. Electrochemistry of molecular and supramolecular structures

    2. Mesosopic phenomena

    2.1. Mesoscopic capacitance

    2.1.1. Single state level

    2.1.2. Multiple levels and density of electrochemical states

    2.2. Quantum thermodynamics in electrochemistry

    2.3. Quantum of conductance

    2.4. Electron transfer rate

    2.5. Quantum of conductance and electron transfer rate

    2.6. Molecular and supramolecular electrochemistry: the case of monolayer and graphene

    3. How mesoscopic phenomena operate i...