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  • Coding the Arduino

    35,30 €

    Section One

    Chapter 1. A background on technology
    Section 1.1 The difference between science and technology
    Section 1.2 Ohm's Law
    Section 1.3 Engineering notation

    Chapter 2. Computers and the binary system
    Section 2.1 Digital signals
    Section 2.2 Power consumption
    Section 2.3 Interfacing
    Section 2.4 Pull-ups and pull-downs

    Section Two

    Chapter 3. Microcontrollers
    Section 3.1 Describing microcontrollers
    Section 3.2 Writing a program

    Chapter 4. More loops, and more elegant ...
  • Neural Networks for Electronics Hobbyists

    18,18 €

    Neural Networks for Electronics Hobbyists

    Chapter 1. Biological Neural Networks

    Chapter 2. Implementing Neural Networks

    Chapter 3. Electronic Components

    Chapter 4. Building the Network

    Chapter 5. Training with Back Propagation

    Chapter 6. Training on Other Functions

    Chapter 7. Where Do We Go from Here?

    Appendix A. Nueral Network Software Simbrain

    Appendix B. Resources
  • Beginning Robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

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    Beginning Robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Robotics

    Chapter 2: An Introduction to Raspberry Pi

    Chapter 3: A Crash Coarse in Python

    Chapter 4: Raspberry Pi GPIO

    Chapter 5: Raspberry Pi and Arduino

    Chapter 6: Driving Motors

    Chapter 7: Assembling the Robot

    Chapter 8: Working with Infrared Sensors

    Chapter 9: An Introduction to Open CV

    Chapter 10: Conclusion

  • Connecting Arduino to the Web

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    Connecting Arduino to the Web

    Chapter 1: Arduino's, Circuits and Components

    Chapter 2: Creating a Web Server

    Chapter 3: Arduino to Front End Part I

    Chapter 4: Introduction to Creating Web Content

    Chapter 5: Front End to Arduino

    Chapter 6: Arduino to Front End Part II

    Chapter 7: Visualizing Data

    Chapter 8: Create a Web Dashboard

    Chapter 9: Physical Data Visualization with Live Data

    Chapter 10: Creating a Game Controller
  • Das tolino-Buch

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    Kapitel 1. Start mit dem tolino ... 9

    Welchen tolino haben Sie? ... 10

    Alle Schalter und Anschlüsse erklärt ... 14

    Den tolino in Betrieb nehmen ... 16

    Den tolino aufladen ... 20

    Erste Schritte mit dem tolino ... 23

    Text eingeben ... 28

    Den tolino mit oder ohne Anmeldung nutzen ... 30

    Kapitel 2. Lesen auf dem tolino ... 33

    Die Leseansicht ... 34

    Im Buch blättern ... 35

    Die zuletzt gelesene Seite öffnen ... 38

    Eigene Lesezeichen setzen ... 39

    Text markieren ... 41

    Markierte Textstel...
  • Raspberry Pi for Arduino Users

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    Raspberry Pi for Arduino Users

    Chapter 1. Your Shopping List

    Chapter 2, Meet the Raspberry Pi

    Chapter 3. Survival Linux

    Chapter 4: Meet your Old Friend C++

    Chapter 5, Meet WiringPi

    Chapter 6, Input and Output

    Chapter 7, Processes and Multitasking

    Chapter 8, Multithreading and Interrupts

    Chapter 9, The Internet

    Chapter 10, Servers, the Unix Way

    Chapter 11, Integration

    Chapter 12: The Best of Both Worlds:

  • Robot Operating System for Absolute Beginners

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    Robot Operating System for Absolute Beginners

    Chapter 1: Getting Started with Ubuntu/Linux for Robotics
    This chapter will give the basic foundation of Ubuntu Linux. Starting from the fundamentals, installation and useful commands which are using while building and programming a robot, we will also see useful software applications which can be used while making robots.

    Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Python and C++ for Robotic Programming
    Programming robots can be done using any of the programming languages. Most popular programming languages are Python and C++. In this chapter, we will see fundamenta...
  • Reusable Firmware Development

    40,65 €

    Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to improve your embedded software and benefit from author Jacob Beningo's more than 15 years developing reusable and portable software for resource-constrained microcontroller-based systems. You will explore APIs, HALs, and driver development among other topics to acquire a solid foundation for improving your own software. Reusable Firmware Development: A Practical Approach to APIs, HALs and Drivers not only explains critical concepts, but also provides a plethora of examples, exercises, and case studies on how to use and implement the concepts.

    What You'll Learn
    Develop portable firmware using the C programming language

    Discover APIs and HALs, explore their differences, and see why they are i...
  • Beginning BBC micro:Bit

    21,39 €

    Learn essential concepts and techniques to build simple-to-advanced projects and overcome common programming challenges in micro:bit development.

    Beginning BBC micro:bit will take you through the complete features and capabilities of the micro:bit controller, enabling you to program and build your own projects. The uses are endless for the micro:bit and this books will help get you started on building your next project with this popular and easy-to-use microcontroller.

    You'll use online Python Editor and Mu Editor to build your own applications. Reviewed by the micro:bit developer team, this comprehensive guide also provides clean code examples to help you learn the key concepts behind the micro:bit API.

  • Propeller Programming

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    Learn to program the Propeller in Spin and C and how to map the Propeller Assembler (PASM) language from other high-level languages you might know.

    The overall task you will pursue in the book is to implement a Delta Compression algorithm: first in Spin, then in PASM, then in C. Along the way, you'll review test driven development, a powerful technique for validating code, and conclude with a chapter on hardware manipulations. The book's main goal is to help you extend the capabilities of the Propeller processor by using the assembler language.

    What You'll Learn
    Use a data compression/decompression application to introduce PASM to the reader

    Integrate C and PASM code

    Review hardware interactions (s...
  • VLSI Design and Test

    115,56 €


    Digital design.- Analog/mixed signal.- VLSI testing.- Devices and technology.- VLSI architectures.- Emerging technologies and memory.- System design.- Low power design and test.- RF circuits.- Architecture and CAD.- Design verification.

  • Programming PIC Microcontrollers with XC8

    35,30 €

    Learn how to use microcontrollers without all the frills and math. This book uses a practical approach to show you how to develop embedded systems with 8 bit PIC microcontrollers using the XC8 compiler. It's your complete guide to understanding modern PIC microcontrollers.

    Are you tired of copying and pasting code into your embedded projects? Do you want to write your own code from scratch for microcontrollers and understand what your code is doing? Do you want to move beyond the Arduino? Then Programming PIC Microcontrollers with XC8 is for you! Written for those who want more than an Arduino, but less than the more complex microcontrollers on the market, PIC microcontrollers are the next logical step in your journey.

    You'll also ...
  • Raspberry Pi®Project Handbook

    24,00 €

    Twenty projects using the Raspberry Pi, a tiny and affordable computer, for beginners looking to make cool things right away. Projects are explained with full-color visuals and simple step-by-step instructions.

    20 Easy Raspberry Pi Projects is a beginner-friendly collection of electronics projects, perfectly suited for kids, parents, educators, and hobbyists looking to level up their hardware skills.

    After a crash course to get you set up with your Raspberry Pi, you'll learn how to build interactive projects like a digital drum set; a WiFi controlled robot; a Pong game; an intruder alarm that sends email notifications; a gas leak detector; a weather forecaster; and IoT gadgets that control electronics around the house. Along the way, you'll work with core components l...
  • Investigating the Cyber Breach

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    Breach detection is one of the hottest topics in cyber security. As more devices become Internet capable, more systems become targets. This in turn increases the need for digital defenses meaning the intended audience will continue to grow and expand across all business sectors. This book is a guide for various levels of technical competencies. Business minded people and executives would benefit from the incident response and policy content. Network administrators will benefit from the breach detection best practices content. Security experts will benefit from the technical forensics tools and exercises. Unlike the very few books on this topic, this book will be developed as a guide that can be easily applied to any organization's business practice.

  • Raspberry Pi für Dummies

    19,99 €

    Sean McManus und Mike Cook führen Sie Schritt für Schritt in die Nutzung des Raspberry Pi ein und verschaffen Ihnen einen Überblick über all die Möglichkeiten, die er Ihnen bietet. Sie zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie den Raspberry Pi zum Laufen bringen, sich unter Linux zurechtfinden, den Raspberry Pi als ganz normalen Computer mit Office- und Bildverarbeitungsprogrammen oder als Mediencenter zum Abspielen von Musik und Videos nutzen. Außerdem lernen Sie, wie Sie die Platine mit Scratch und Python programmieren, und erfahren alles über die Verwendung des Raspberry Pi als Steuereinheit für elektronisches Spielzeug.
  • Quick Boot

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    Quick Boot is designed to give developers a background in the basic architecture and details of a typical boot sequence. More specifically, this book describes the basic initialization sequence that allows developers the freedom to boot an OS without a fully featured system BIOS. Various specifications provide the basics of both the code bases and the standards. This book also provides insights into optimization techniques for more advanced developers. With proper background information, the required specifications on hand, and diligence, many developers can create quality boot solutions using this text.


    Foreword Kelly Steele, BIOS Architect, Insyde Software, Inc., Beaver...

  • Raspberry Pi programmieren mit C/C++ und Bash

    38,00 €

    So realisieren Sie Ihre Foto-, Video- und Audioprojekte mit dem Raspberry Pi, C/C++ und Bash

    Haben Sie bereits Programmiererfahrung und möchten hardwarenahe Projekte realisieren? Sie wollen den Raspberry Pi nutzen, sind aber ein Linux-Neuling? In diesem Buch erfahren Sie alles, was Sie wissen müssen, um Projekte rund um Foto, Video & Audio mit dem Raspberry Pi, C/C++ und Bash erfolgreich in die Tat umzusetzen - mit und ohne zusätzliche Elektronik.

    Folgende Themen erwarten Sie:
    - Raspbian-Konfiguration, Bedienoberfläche, Backup & Restore
    - Programmstart über Desktop-Icons, Programmieren mit Bash/C/C++, Skriptdateien mit ASCII-GUI, Entwicklungsumgebungen
    - Schaltungen für den GPIO-Port, Einsatz von Sensoren & WiringPi
    - Netzwerke & Fernzugriff: SSH-Server, ...
  • The Hardware Hacker

    29,00 €

    For over a decade, Andrew "bunnie" Huang, one of the world's most esteemed hackers, has shaped the fields of hacking and hardware, from his cult-classic book Hacking the Xbox to the open-source laptop Novena and his mentorship of various hardware startups and developers. In The Hardware Hacker, Huang shares his experiences in manufacturing and open hardware, creating an illuminating and compelling career retrospective.

    Huang's journey starts with his first visit to the staggering electronics markets in Shenzhen, with booths overflowing with capacitors, memory chips, voltmeters, and possibility. He shares how he navigated the overwhelming world of Chinese factories to bring chumby, Novena, and Chibitronics to life, covering everything from creating a Bill of Mat...
  • The Game Console

    24,00 €

    The Game Console is a tour through the evolution of video game hardware, with gorgeous full-color photos of 86 consoles. You'll start your journey with legendary consoles like the Magnavox Odyssey, Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Commodore 64. The visual nostalgia trip continues with systems from the 1990s and 2000s, and ends on modern consoles like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U.

    Throughout the book, you'll also discover many consoles you never knew existed, and even find a rare peek at the hardware inside several of history's most iconic video game systems.


    Part 0: The Birth of Gaming

    Part 1: 1st Gener...
  • Modélisation des composés binaires à base de lanthanides et d'arsenic

    35,90 €

    Cet ouvrage est une étude des propriétés structurales, électroniques et magnétiques dans le domaine de l'électronique de spin (spintronique) des matériaux semi-conducteurs (arsenic) dopé par des ions Terre-Rare, ReAs (Re = Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy) dans la phase (B1) NaCl. Des calculs ab-initio ont été effectués en utilisant la méthode des ondes planes augmentées avec linéarisation (FP-LAPW) sur la base de la théorie de la fonctionnelle de la densité (DFT), ainsi que deux approximations pour l'énergie d'échange et de corrélation (LSDA et LSDA+U) afin de comparer entre elles. La stratégie LSDA+U offre une meilleure description pour ces matériaux.
  • Sistema de Adquisición y Compresión de Video MJPEG

    69,90 €

    En un sistema de transmisión o almacenamiento de video digital, se requiere de un proceso de adquisición de imágenes, así como uno de compresión de datos. Las principales ventajas de la compresión MJPEG son que JPEG es muy factible para implementarse en hardware y soporta casi cualquier tamaño del video que se desea transmitir, por lo que es posible utilizar imágenes en tamaño sub-QCIF (Quarter Common Intermediate Format) hasta imágenes para Televisión de Alta Definición (HDTV). Al procesar las imágenes de manera independiente, si se presenta un error en una imagen, éste no se propaga en las siguientes imágenes como en el caso de MPEG-1 y MPEG-2. Otra de las ventajas de MJPEG que lo hace muy atractivo para sistemas de transmisión de video, es que conforme se va adquiriendo una imag...
  • Beginning LoRa Radio Networks with Arduino

    35,30 €

    Chapter 1: What is LoRa (20 pages)
    Chapter Goad: This chapter will provide basic understanding of LoRa Technology, LoRaWAN, and LPWAN.
    . What is LoRa - A brief introduction about what is LoRa and what it can do.
    . LoRaWAN protocol
    . LoRa Transceivers and Gateways
    . LoRa for Internet of Things applications
    . LoRaWAN regional parameters
    . LoRa Alliance

    Chapter 2: Obtaining Hardware (30 pages)
    Chapter Goal: This chapter will introduce all the hardware need to build the LoRa radio projects.
    . Arduino UNO
    . LoRa end node: Arduino LoRa Shield 433MHz /868MHz /915MHz Ve...
  • Raspbian OS Programming with the Raspberry Pi

    26,74 €


    Chapter 1 title: Introduction to Raspberry Pi

    Chapter Goal: to introduce to Raspberry Pi and to prepare development environment with Raspbian OS.

    · 1.1 What is Raspberry Pi?

    · 1.2 Review Raspberry Pi Board Models

    · 1.3 Introdice Raspbian OS

    · 1.4 Set up Raspbian OS on Raspberry Pi Boards

    · 1.5 Explore Raspbian OS Desktop and Terminal

    · 1.6 Set up Raspberry Pi Networking

    Chapter 2 title: Raspbian OS Command Line

    Chapter Goal: to learn how to work with commandline on Raspbian OS.

    · 2.1 Introduce Raspbian Shells

    · 2.2 Basic Raspbian Shell

    · 2.3 Manipulating Files and Directories

    · 2.4 Redirection

    · 2...

  • Arduino Applied

    32,09 €


    Chapter 1. Introduction
    . Arduino Uno
    . Breadboards
    . Arduino IDE software
    . Arduino IDE sketch
    . Run the Blink sketch
    . Electricity explained
    . Revise the Blink sketch
    . Pulse width modulation
    . Opening and saving sketches

    Each chapter following chapter 1 is "Arduino applied to...X" with a complete project example.

    Chapter 2. Switches
    . Tactile switch
    . Comparison operators
    . Debouncing a switch
    . Hardware switch debounce
    . Ball switch

    Chapter 3. Se...
  • Developing Games on the Raspberry Pi

    29,95 €


    1. Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi

    2. Scripting with LÖVE

    3. Modular Programming with LÖVE

    4. Analog Programming

    5. Database and Libraries

    6. Graphics

    7. Menu Design

    8. Battling It Out

    9. Balance of Power

    10. Save Files and Game States

    11. Sound

    12. Rogue-like Dungeon Crawler

    13. Game Distribution

    14. Next Steps

    15. Appendix A

  • Beginning Programming Using Retro Computing

    26,74 €

    Beginning Programming Using Retro Computing

    Chapter 1: Getting Started
    Chapter 2: Simple Drawing
    Chapter 3: Math
    Chapter 4: Sound
    Chapter 5: Colors
    Chapter 6: Graphics
    Chapter 7: Errors
    Chapter 8: Variables
    Chapter 9: Math and Variables
    Chapter 10: A Program
    Chapter 11: Questions
    Chapter 12: Counting
    Chapter 13: Conditions
    Chapter 14: More Programs
    Appendix: Saving and Loading

  • Practical Tinker Board

    35,30 €


    Part 1: Getting Started

    Chapter 1: What is the ASUS Tinker Board?

    Chapter 2: Ready to Begin: What Do You Need to Use a Tinker Board?

    Chapter 3: Installing an Operating System

    Part 2: Official Operating Systems and GPIO

    Chapter 4: Getting to Know TinkerOS

    Chapter 5: Programming with the GPIO Pins

    Chapter 6: Android on the Tinker Board

    Part 3: Tinker Board Projects

    Chapter 7: Project 1: Build a Game Emulation System

    Chapter 8: Project 2: Use the Tinker Board as a Media Center with Kodi

    Chapter 9: Project 3: Stream Music to the Tinker Board...

  • Mastering 3D Printing in the Classroom, Library, and Lab

    29,95 €


    Section 1. 3D Printing: State of the Art

    Chapter 1. When to Use a 3D Printer
    . General considerations
    o Subtractive vs. additive manufacturing
    . When 3D Printing is Not Appropriate
    o When a laser cutter is better
    o When a CNC router is better
    o Traditional craft tools and materials vs. 3D printing
    ¿ Speed
    ¿ Expense
    ¿ Digital Fabrication
    o Prototyping parts
    ¿ Big
    ¿ Small

    Chapter 2. 3D printer types and Materials
    . FDM
    o With PLA
    o ABS
    o More exotic mat...
  • Tasche tolino vision - Chevron Flora II

    24,95 €

    Stabile eReader Hülle in Buchoptik mit mehrlagiger Polsterung aus stabilen und weichen Materialien,
    Hochauflösender Farbdruck auf Vorder- und Rückseite, beständig gegen äußere Einflüsse
    Weiches Innenmaterial als Schutz gegen Kratzer,
    Elastische Gummihalterungen für sicheren Halt,
    Praktische Innentasche für Notizen und Karten,
    In Deutschland von Hand gefertigt.

    Über den Künstler des Motivs: Bianca wurde in Rio de Janeiro geboren, zog jedoch bald darauf mit ihrer Familie nach Deutschland. Nach der Schule folgte sie ihrer Leidenschaft für Musik, arbeitete bei einem Radiosender und später für MTV Deutschland. Nach einiger Zeit sehnte sie sich nach einem Tapetenwechsel, kündigte und verbrachte mehrere Monate in San Francisco und Montevideo, w...
  • Das iPad für Senioren

    24,90 €

    Verlässlich und gut zu bedienen: Die iPads von Apple haben einen guten Ruf. Für viele Anwender gilt es allerdings einige Hürden zu überwinden, bevor die erste E-Mail geschrieben ist oder die erste Bilderschau klappt.

    Von Grund auf und App für App erklärt Philip Kiefer Funktionen des iPads und verwandelt Fachbegriffe in verständliche Sprache. Mithilfe anschaulicher Anleitungen erfahren Sie die Vielfalt der Anwendungen. Machen Sie sich mit den Programmen, die zum Lieferumfang des iPads gehören, anhand von ausführlichen Beispielen vertraut: So lernen Sie beispielsweise 'Fotos' kennen, das Programm zum Betrachten, Bearbeiten, Ordnen und Versenden Ihrer Bilder, 'Musik' für Ihre Audiosammlung und vieles andere mehr.

    Das Buch erläutert überdies, wie Sie Dokumente und Daten i...
  • tolino shine 3 Schutzfolie-Matt

    8,95 €

    Die Displayfolie bietet langanhaltenden Schutz vor Kratzern, Staub und Fingerabdrücken auf dem Display Ihres tolino epos Readers und ist praktisch unsichtbar. Die blasenfreie Anbringung ist unkompliziert und lässt sich rückstandsfrei wieder entfernen.
  • tolino shine 3 Tasche Slimfit Rot

    24,95 €

    Die schlanke Tasche im Portfolio Format bietet passgenauen Schutz für Ihren tolino shine 3. Eine Einfassung aus flexiblem Kunststoff hält Ihren eReader stets sicher und ist dabei besonders griffig. Die Klappe in edler Lederoptik bedeckt und schützt das Display des tolino shine 3 vor Verschmutzungen und Kratzern.
  • tolino shine 3 Tasche Slimfit Schwarz

    24,95 €

    Die schlanke Tasche im Portfolio Format bietet passgenauen Schutz für Ihren tolino shine 3. Eine Einfassung aus flexiblem Kunststoff hält Ihren eReader stets sicher und ist dabei besonders griffig. Die Klappe in edler Lederoptik bedeckt und schützt das Display des tolino shine 3 vor Verschmutzungen und Kratzern.